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Leah was responsive, calm, knowledgeable and had good listening skills. She did an outstanding job!!!
Leah was so calming to me and my infant! Her breastfeeding advice, ease and help with my older child, and her bedtime assistance were invaluable!
Leah was so helpful during my postpartum period. I suffered from postpartum depression and Leah was an integral part of my recovery.  She taught me a lot about caring for my newborn and helped me gain confidence that I needed to overcome the depression. I am very grateful to her and will recommend her to everyone!
Leah is fantastic! There should be more people trained like her.
Highly Recommend! So thankful for Leah! (And the friend of mine who recommended her!) This breastfeeding experience has been a rocky road and it’s finally going smoothly now! I couldn’t be happier!! I feel like our nursing relationship was rescued ❤️
After my son was born, I was really struggling with breastfeeding and the pediatrician wanted me to supplement with formula. Leah was able to identify the problem and offer solutions. As a result, I’m happy to say I’m still breastfeeding seven months later without supplementation!
Leah educated me on breastfeeding and gave me the confidence to breastfeed longer than I did with my other children.
I was so grateful to have Leah come to my home. She worked really hard to help my daughter and I with our nursing struggles. She followed up with me repeatedly to help make sure we were successful.
Excellent care to help me focus on dealing with one issue at a time. As we all know nursing can be overwhelming, but Leah helped me to simplify what I needed to be successful.
Leah probably didn’t think she offered much given my situation, but her education and reassurance was fantastic. I felt so much better about my supply and behaviors after meeting with her and felt able to continue with the practices.
Leah was very professional, but still compassionate. She actually listened to what I was saying and did a complete evaluation. I would highly recommend her to anyone having any sort of difficulty breastfeeding
Professional, safe, understanding and caring. The one-on-one home visits made the experience much more comfortable.
I appreciated having Leah come to our home. That made things much easier. Also her knowledge was extremely helpful and helped us identify the main issue we were having in the first 10 minutes of our appointment. I also liked the summaries that were sent out. They were well organized.
Leah was absolutely wonderful! When I contacted her for help she responded quickly. She provided a wealthy of knowledge and understanding.
Leah helped us to overcome difficulties in breastfeeding and has continued to offer support. She listened to my concerns and offered multiple solutions and helped decide on the best option and gave lots of supplemental information and strategies.
Thorough. Informative. Professional.
Leah was very prompt at answering my email and setting up a visit to my home. She was very encouraging and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable working with her. She is very dedicated to providing support to those who need it.
We were very pleased with how quickly Leah was able to see us and evaluate our son. She provided a very detailed care plan with research included to educate us on best practices.
Leah’s very nice, helpful and thorough! She goes above and beyond!
Leah was very sweet. She returned my emails promptly and seemed to be knowledgeable about breastfeeding.
Leah was really nice and really easy to talk to. She was accessible via email and text and very knowledgeable about every question and concern I had. She seemed genuinely interested in helping me to accomplish my breastfeeding goals.
Leah was quick to respond, helpful, kind and knowledgeable. She continues to be supportive in answering any questions I still have.
Leah was very easy to work with. She calms my anxieties and provides support to solve my issues. She encouraged me to get help for my depression. She was dependable and loving.
Offered great perspectives on our issues, and sent lots of resources that helped us to resolve the problem even after she left. It was so nice that she followed up with us and really seemed to care about our progress.
I am still in the process of trying to get the consultation covered by my insurance. It’s a long process and I haven’t given up on it yet, but even if it is not covered it was well worth the money.
Leah is the only reason I am able to continue to breastfeed, and to breastfeed pain-free. None of the other doctors, nurses, pediatricians, etc were able to find out why i was having such pain when nursing. It took Leah 5 seconds to diagnose that the problem. After following her recommendation for a simple lip and tie revision, I have been able to have a very easy and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship with my baby.
I’ve not been able to stop talking about her to friends and family, especially those who i think might benefit from a consultation.
Leah has been a HUGE contributer with my success in breastfeeding. She really cares and makes sure to follow up to see how things are going. I would not be where I’m at today with breastfeeding if I didn’t have Leah’s help. I would’ve quit a long time ago.
She was very informative and gave great advice on how to better the latch for feeding. She’s very knowledgeable on this subject.
It was wonderful to meet with someone knowledgeable about low supply and ties. I was given a lot of good information and support prior to having my daughter. I hope I can met with Leah again soon.
Leah is fabulous! Very informed, quick at spotting the problem and getting help to solve it. She has a good network of practitioners to recommend.

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I live in the city of Midland with my husband and three children, two of whom have entered the teenage years all too quickly! In my free time, I enjoy time with my family and friends, reading, surfing the Internet, cooking, and gardening. Even before I had my own children, I had a passion for working with mothers and their babies. My education and experience in social work focused on infant mental health and early child development. I love learning and reading about pregnancy, birth, and the early years of a child’s life. I desire to use my knowledge and experience to help fill the gap in our maternity care system and help mothers establish a rewarding, confident relationship with their infants. I am honored to provide a gentle, nurturing, and professional approach to serve mothers and their families.

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Phone: 989-798-3375
Email: leah@nurturingtraditions.net

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